2017 Reunion isn’t over…


MIB Alumni Reunion has been an amazing networking event, where about hundred alumni from around the world met at MIB Trieste School of Management.

We had several speeches during Saturday from leaders in any industry and country: a university professor in Prague, an entrepreneur in Slovenia, a project manager in Austria, a CEO in HR industry in Hungary, a customer manager in Brazil, a strategic consultant in Italy and an Executive Coach in Milan. Really exciting their speeches, their memories about their master at MIB. For some of them it was the first time at MIB after 10 and more years.

In the afternoon Francesco Venier, Director of the Executive education at MIB, gave a brilliant keynote on digital transformation, its implications for our organizations and trends for the future. Also two alumni, Emanuele Quarin and Cinzia Lacopeta, shared their experience as digital transformation directors.

The dinner on Saturday evening was a great opportunity to talk to alumni, to meet new and old friends surrounded by a red sunset on the sea of Trieste, just in front of us!

On Sunday some alumni gathered in the beautiful Golf Club in Lipica and others went to visit the Skocjan caves in the near Slovenia.

It was an unique experience to rediscover the power of our network, to meet leaders from around the world in a beautiful city, which is Trieste.

Reunion isn’t over…emotions and experiences will last in our memory for a long time.

Here is the photo album

Author: Alessandra Lomonaco, President MIB Alumni Association

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